Plant Nerd Crate (Subscription)


Monthly plant subscription

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The Plant Nerd monthly subscription crate may contain a plant or plants, pottery, books, tools or other plant accessories based on a unique ‘plant nerd’ theme. Each crate comes with an informative postcard explaining how crate items are related. Once Plant Nerd Crates have been shipped, a theme page will be added to the front page of the website. If some plants are too crazy for you, gift them to friends and family! (Or sneak it onto an unsuspecting co-workers desk!)

Themes may include: Night Blooming, Plants In Prose, Status Symbols, and more! This subscription is for the hard core plant nerds that want to impress their friends with their unique specimens and growing plant trivia skills!

Due to the unique nature of some of our items, subscriptions will only be sent out during the second week of the month. New subscription orders must be received by the first of the month to secure your subscription box for that month. Depending on your first payment, there may be a four-week delay before your first crate is received.


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