An Idea

virtual greenhouse

Cycle Of Life started as idea many, many years ago. As is true in life, it twisted, morphed and circled back around.

My love for horticulture began in 2000 when I took a job at a garden center as a break from “real life”. That little garden center taught me how plants keep communities together. We had such an amazing cast of regulars, and I met so many great plantsmen and women during my time there. I spent my days showing bored kids how sensitive plants collapsed, and how cyclamen smelled like crayons. The kids and I would scratch-and-sniff corsican mint, scented geraniums and feverfew and make the mouths of snapdragons speak to each other. Every spring a blind man would come in with his blind mother. We would walk around feeling the velvety leaves of dichondra and check out other fascinating new releases. Many people my own age would come in to purchase materials for their very first veggie garden and many old gardeners would come in for their 4th Of July and Super Sweet 100 tomato plants that they had been growing every year since the hybrids hit the market. I taught, and I learned.

In late fall we would receive semi loads of tropicals and spend evenings trying to find noisy tree frogs that had stowed away in the ficus trees. (Every year we searched, and every year we failed to find them.) We chased pumpkin-drunk squirrels out of the greenhouse in fall and we wracked up 10+ miles on our pedometers during busy spring days. We wretched when someone broke a bottle of animal repellent on the hard concrete floor and we laughed. A lot. That garden center was home for eight wonderful years.

Lots of life has happened since the garden center days, but it was always in the back of my mind to have some sort of small shop devoted to plants, plant books and coffee. While talking about such fun thoughts with my partner (and a fellow horticulturalist), we thought “why not”. This is our scaled back attempt to keep a dream manageable and meaningful. And while it won’t be the same as the garden center, we hope to build lots of relationships and good times through this endeavor.

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